VIDEO: Low-speed wheel loader chase ensues after man smashes, burgles liquor store
Loader operator jailed for burying supervisor, beating him with a level in Florida
Chicago snow plow driver shot at while clearing city streets
Houston construction crew robbed at gunpoint twice in one week
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Worker loses his mind, fires nail gun, slashes tires in jobsite altercation with co-worker
Vandals use dozer, backhoe and even a fire truck to cause $100k+ damage to trees, roads other equipment in Oregon
Construction worker attacks co-worker with sledgehammer on Georgia jobsite
Man arrested for stealing road signs, rebar from Pennsylvania construction site
Two managers charged with negligent homicide for death of worker in NYC construction collapse
Guy who drove into construction site and hit a worker says he was only trying to help
Construction workers confront and film 2 men burglarizing home, assist in arrest
Worker killed in shooting on New Orleans jobsite