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Shovel to the back of the head ends dispute between concrete workers started by muddy shoes
Striking concrete workers halt work at 30 NYC construction sites
Vandals pee in cabs of contractor's equipment, ride a bike down newly-poured sidewalk in Michigan
Worker shot during robbery on home reno site near Chicago
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Excavator operator strikes 400 live WWII grenades buried beneath jobsite
Man arrested after attacking neighbor's home with a backhoe in New York
Drunk guy wanders onto jobsite, is subdued by workers after trying to operate a backhoe
Burrito ends standoff between man perched in tower crane and police
VIDEO: Bridge collapses beneath excavator, 2 workers, injuring one more on Pennsylvania repair project
Nashville may soon require contractors to hire significantly more local workers on metro projects
Contractor discovers drywall signed by his father 50 years ago while demoing a bathroom
Worker shot after confronting 2 men drawing in wet concrete on Georgia school jobsite