construction funding

Proposed 2016-2017 Colorado budget would cut transportation funding
Alabama House committee approves gas tax increase to fund transportation
Delaware lawmakers propose a 10-cent hike on state's gas tax
With oil prices plummeting, Obama says now is time to raise gas tax
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Alabama holding meetings about raising its gas tax
Bipartisan Senate bill would offer a tax credit for transportation projects
Ryan: $10 billion stopgap in the works as a "Plan B" for Highway Trust Fund
#FixTheTrustFund campaign aims to flood social media with infographics supporting a long-term highway bill
Can John Oliver's stand on U.S. infrastructure do for highway funding what  “Last Week Tonight” did for net neutrality? (VIDEO)
Astec's Ben Brock: "Best shot we've had in 10 years" to get out of highway funding dead end
Obama urges Congress to focus on improving infrastructure rather than Keystone XL in State of the Union
More reasons not to build toll roads
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