construction finds

Crews uncover mammoths and other Ice Age fossils while grading jobsite near San Diego
Construction crew uncovers Native American remains likely hundreds of years old in Colorado
Excavator operator strikes 400 live WWII grenades buried beneath jobsite
Contractor discovers drywall signed by his father 50 years ago while demoing a bathroom
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Crew unearths remains likely belonging to a construction worker on North Dakota jobsite
Workers uncover ancient human remains, artifacts on Washington jobsite
Workers discover ancient tools, homestead during pipeline construction in Utah
Construction crew finds body while excavating site near Detroit
Skull found on Louisville construction site sparks search for more remains
Construction crew unearths grenade without a pin, worker picks it up for some reason
Construction crew uncovers human bones during gas line install in New York City
Construction worker finds hidden message from grandfather he never met on Ohio hospital jobsite
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