construction crime

Houston construction crew robbed at gunpoint twice in one week
Man in werewolf mask shoots construction worker, is still on the loose in California
Construction equipment thieves get a flat tire then get caught after calling a tow truck
For some reason, thieves stole a 1,300-pound traffic gate from a construction site in Green Bay
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Police bust crime ring's year-long spree of construction site burglaries in Pennsylvania
Construction worker accused of stabbing supervisor after pay dispute in Brooklyn
Truck driver hops out of his truck at road work zone, sucker punches construction worker
Construction worker calls in fake bomb threat to Coast Guard to get off work early
Construction workers narrowly escape jobsite shootings in Michigan and NYC
Jobsite shootout erupts in Texas when foreman returns fire from disgruntled construction worker
Lured in by a great deal on a Bobcat, contractor is robbed at gunpoint