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Obama prepares to send $302 billion highway bill to Congress, but will it be enough?

Obama prepares to send $302 billion highway bill to...

Posted by Amanda Bayhi on Apr 24, 2014

President Barack Obama is preparing to present his proposed $302 billion, four-year transportation reauthorization bill to Congress. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx ...

CBO: Highway Trust Fund should fulfill obligations through 2014

CBO: Highway Trust Fund should fulfill obligations...

Posted by Wayne Grayson on Feb 11, 2013

According to the latest forecast from the Congressional Budget Office, the Highway Trust Fund will have insufficient revenues by the ...

How much life does the Highway Trust Fund have left?

Posted by John Latta on Aug 31, 2012

We know the simplicity of it. The Highway Trust Fund is steadily running out of money. Congress, so set on ...

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