Bay Bridge

San Francisco's Bay Bridge celebrates 80th birthday (VIDEO)
VIDEO: Caltrans dismantles 504-foot long section of old Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge construction project suspended after causing major traffic issues
Report: Caltrans decision to hire inexperienced Chinese firm for Bay Bridge welding "will haunt" travelers "for generations"
construction boom cities of 2017 From our partners
Giant floating crane completes 6k-mile trek to New York for Tappan Zee Bridge construction (VIDEO)
State investigation concludes Caltrans systematically quieted safety critics of new Bay Bridge span
Demolition of old Bay Bridge will be a delicate exercise
Oakland Bay Bridge: Open Again—and Finally Done!
Bike and pedestrian path opens on San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
VIDEO: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opens on Labor Day
VIDEO: Crews construct world’s largest self-anchored suspension bridge
San Francisco-Oakland: Troubled bridge over water
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