Product Focus – March 20091

|  March 25, 2009 |

Smooth operator
Experience longevity and a smooth ride with McLaren Industries’ NextGen TDF compact track loader tracks, which have a tread pattern that limits exposure to protect the track body.
· Crack and Cut Quarantine System contains minor damage
· Rubber compound formula extends service life
· SpoolRite Belting increases the tracks’ tensile strength.

Heavyweight handler
Bridgestone Truck Tires’ L315 on/off-highway wide-base radial handles extra-heavy loads – up to 24,600 pounds per axle.
· Lug tread and open shoulders promote traction
· Tread compound reduces chips and cuts
· Handles speeds up to 65 mph.

Quick-change artist
Loegering’s VTS Versatile Track System enables a skid steer to operate as a track loader.
· Complete rubber track undercarriage
· Installs in less than an hour
· Improves machine stability.

Rust eliminator
Rubbertrax’s multi-terrain loader track delivers improved performance and extended track life.
· Non-metal core
· Continuous Steel Cord technology for strength and durability
· Single cord eliminates weak joints and prevents rust.

Fill it up
Ecofil, a flatproofing material from Arnco, uses renewable components and consumes 50 percent less petrochemical products during production.
· Fill a 13.00-24NHS tire in less than 10 minutes
· Pumped using conventional equipment
· Works with tube-type or tubeless tires.

Long life cycle
Extend tire life with Bridgestone Americas Off Road’s
Continuum retreads.
· Consistent compound quality offers consistent performance
· Made-to-fit tread eliminates casing distortion
· Precured tread rubber reduces casing degradation.

Cut check
Solideal’s Gripper, an entry-level skid steer tire, provides performance and value.
· Made from natural rubber compounds
· Incorporates premium cording
· Tread design technology improves cut resistance.

Clean machine
Grouser Products’ F Series over-the-tire bar track has open side plates and an open cross bar design, simplifying clean-out of the pivot and tire areas.
· 2-inch-wide bars have more material for longer life
· Wide traction bars improve track-to-tire grip
· Heavy duty components ensure durability.

Prevent punctures
Firestone’s FD835 on/off highway drive delivers traction and improves mileage in severe-service applications.
· Deep open shoulder design promotes traction on soft surfaces
· Retreadable for any axle position
· Split-belt construction to resist cuts and punctures.

Mud buster
Improve traction with Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions’ Bandag BDM replacement tire.
· 32/32-inch tread depths
· Useful in mud and snow
· Wide voids for aggressive traction.

Tread firmly
Reduce flats with Michelin’s XHA radial earthmover tire, which has cut- and impact-resistant sidewalls.
· Designed for loaders, graders, dozers and scrapers
· Wide-lug tread design improves adherence and lateral traction
· Wears evenly for long life.

Tackle tough terrain
Switch betweens tires and tracks as needed with Mattracks’ off-road rubber track conversion systems.
· Rugged construction
· Designed for extreme environments
· Simple conversion process.

Snow job
Simplify snow removal with Bridgestone’s application-specific rubber tracks.
· Features PolarTread technology
· Provides additional traction for handling snow
· Operates safely on snow-covered hard surfaces.

Resilient rubber
Experience minimal vibration and long track life with DRB America’s non-metal core rubber track.
· Engineered without metal imbeds
· Fits Cat and ASV compact track loaders
· Improves machine durability.


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