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Demolition attachments

By Lauren Heartsill


Maximize excavator efficiency with Amulet’s G2 PowerClamp progressive-link hydraulic thumb, which can support beams or remove unwieldy materials, debris and rip-rap.

• Designed for excavators from 30,000 to 100,000 pounds

• Made for use with a quick coupler

• Reaches an average of 180 degrees of thumb rotation.

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PSM’s demolition bucket sorts recyclable materials in severe conditions, offering minimum trash removal costs and dump fees.

• Replaceable cast wear components protect T-1 structure bucket

• Constructed with high tensile, low-carbon steel

• One piece replaceable outer wear plate with abrasive resistant wear

strips forms triple bottom protection.

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Genesis Attachments expanded its Demolition Recycler Series to use a more powerful, lighter-weight tool on a standard or high-reach machine.

• Has a crushing force of 85 to 148 tons

• Uses a regeneration valve and a large-bore cylinder

• Available in shearing, concrete cracking or concrete pulverizing configurations.

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The Hy-Ram HR Series from Allied Construction Products uses its tougher temperament to demolish concrete structures, trench rock, building foundations, pavement and bridge decks.

• Oil and gas operation increases efficiency

• Longer piston stroke provides higher impact power

• Auto-stop system prevents blank firing.

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Okada America’s Cut Series doubles as a primary concrete crusher, capable of demolition and structural steel processing at the same time.

• Offered in four sizes for carriers from 6.5 to 50 tons

• Hydraulic speed valve offers faster speeds and increased productivity

• 360-degree hydraulic rotation gives easy access to demolition work.

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Atlas Copco’s HB heavy hydraulic breaker line offers features to protect against costly mistakes, such as improper set up.

• Power Adapt system shuts down the hydraulic breaker when oil pressure exceeds the max

• Improved box system for better stability and resistance

• Dual retaining bar gives better protection against wear and tear.

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The Lemac Concrete Crusher requires no extra hydraulics to crush concrete or to remove and cut rebar.

• Includes replaceable teeth and rebar cutters for easy and affordable maintenance

• Attaches in the same place as previously mounted bucket

• Main pivot features heat-treated pin, bearings, seals and o-rings.

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The Bobcat HB880 hydraulic breaker offers a powerful performance in a midsize package.

• Provides 1,310 blows per minute at a hydraulic rate of 17.2 gallons per minute

• Automatic pressure regulator ensures maximum performance

• Matches hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker.

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The EZ Grout Hog Crusher recycles materials such as brick, stone, asphalt and stone on the jobsite.

• Easily attaches to any skid steer loader or forklift

• Replaceable carbide bullets, hardened breaker/cleaner and check plates

• Recycles up to 10 tons per hour.

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The Kenco Demolition Grapple, which interchanges with buckets and other attachments, can be shared by all excavator brands.

• Available for 20,000- to 140,000-pound machines

• Replaceable front and rear tine pads

• Manufactured from abrasive resistant alloy steels.

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FAE’s STC/SSL rock crusher attachment is designed for high-flow hydraulic skid steers.

• Crush and grind up to 6-inch diameter rock, stone and asphalt

• Double carbide teeth provide longer wear

• Attachment has a working width of 63 inches.

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Rotobec’s Power Attachments offer versatility in various material-handling applications, such as demolition.

• Positioned or dangle rotations minimize the excavator’s movement

• Rotations reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs

• Attachments use multiple jaw configurations.

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Surestrike hammers efficiently demolish heavy concrete.

• Concrete is quietly broken with up to 75,000 foot pounds of single blow impact energy

• Will mount to any excavator or loader

• Have high production rates.

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Construction Attachments’ CAL16000 hammer’s fully cushioned vibration damping system on the upper/lower power cell reduces friction on wear pads and protects from vibration damage.

• Fully cushioned vibration damping system on upper/lower power reduces pad friction

• Internal control valve system provides 10 to 15 percent more efficiency than other breaker valves, says the company

• Redesigned case ensures snug main body fit.

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The JCB Hammermasters are supplied ready-to-use, with hoses, moil and chisel, and many can be fitted to other manufacturer’s machines as well.

• Features an auto-stop function to ensure idle blows do not damage the breaker

• Housing incorporates a heavy-duty claw

• Autogrease system is fitted to the breaker housing.

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Perform crushing applications in tight spaces or hilly areas with MB’s excavator-mounted crusher buckets.

• Buckets are efficient to transport and install

• Recycles onsite materials, reducing disposal trips

• Produces fill material for a range of jobs.

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