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By Amy Materson


Raise your trailer deck hydraulically in less than 15 seconds with JLG Industries’ Triple L models of flatbed trailers available with capacities to 10,000 pounds

• Features two lockable steel compartments, quick-adjust tongue jack and heavy duty tie down rings

• A 12-volt system powers the hydraulic pump used to control the deck.

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Choose from two sizes – 22 and 25 cubic yards – with Dakota Trailer Manufacturing’s clamshell belly dump gravel trailers.

• Lower trailer height simplifies loading and decreases wind resistance

• Has 8- and 10-gauge construction for durability

• Features include oscillating fifth wheel plate, 60-gallon air reservoir and variable gate control.

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Haul all your heavy equipment with Kaufman Trailers’ hydraulic detachable neck trailer.

• Ranges in capacity from 30 to 55 tons

• Manufactured from high strength steel

• Has four cambered, fabricated main frame beams.

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Handle more material with SmithCo Manufacturing’s S2-4034 double axle side dump trailer.

• Has AR400 steel construction to ensure trailer strength

• Features spherical bearing type hinges

• Has a 34-foot tub length, 102-inch width.

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Designed for tri-axle trucks, Up-N-Atom’s Retriever Model 18T has a 36,000-pound load rating and offers air operation.

• Curved deck eliminates bottoming out and breakover

• Features high traction epoxy deck coating

• Has a deck height as low as 47 inches.

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Load equipment by driving it up the ramps and onto the rear deck of Transcraft’s beavertail trailer, which eliminates the need for a dock.

• Equipped with beavertail and spring-assist ramps and level deck option

• Spring-assist feature assists with manual ramp folding

• Level deck option enables ramp usage in the folded up position as deck space.

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Kalyn Siebert’s KSHRG hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer is lightweight and easy to operate.

• Non-ground bearing gooseneck is standard equipment

• Two-axle unit has a 35-ton capacity

• Three-axle unit available in 53-, 55- and 60-ton capacities.

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Haul equipment with low ground clearance with TrailMax Trailers’ Power Ramp TD-40-PR trailer, which features an 8-degree load angle.

• Has a 24-foot flat deck, 6-foot beavertail and is rated with a 40,000-pound distributed capacity

• Full width bi-fold ramp powered by self-contained power unit with remote option

• Tubular subframe has high tensile perimeter rails and tubular crossmembers on 12- and 16-foot centers.

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Hydraulically transfer loads in all terrains with Talbert Manufacturing’s 55SA spread axle trailer, which features the company’s Equalizer nitrogen-assisted dampening system.

• Has a 108-inch swing radius, 25-foot deck length and 8-foot 6-inch deck width

• Dual two-speed landing gear simplifies connecting the trailer to the axle attachment

• Axle attachment can easily be lifted out of the way for backing.

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Trail King’s off-road transport system, the Modular Hydraulic Transport System, features a 375,000-pound load capacity.

• Air system includes drain fittings on each tank, an air dryer and easily accessible air tanks

• Steering arms are positioned over dished crossmembers for easy repositioning or replacement

• Hydraulic system has steel hydraulic lines throughout.

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Load and unload quickly with Advance Metalworking’s 14,000-pound capacity Lo Riser inclining platform trailer.

• Has 74-inch-by-16-foot load carrying platform

• Control switch raises and lowers platform to ground height

• Features 17,550-pound GVWR, combination hydraulic and rubber suspension and electric brakes.

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Side Dump Industries’ trailer features a 35-foot tub manufactured from 6-mm Domex 100 steel with a 24-yard level and 28-yard heaped capacity.

• Has a 50-degree dump angle and features 100110XF Domex deep frame rails

• Heavy duty push block has underride protection bumper

• Removable king pin plate and skid plate, self-centering saddle

design and replaceable king pin design.

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Simplify loading with Roose Manufacturing’s RR-335 three-reel self load trailer.

• Features a 3,000- to 3,500-pound carrying capacity, reels have 125-inch diameter

• Manual or engine powered hydraulic pumps raise the reels

• Options include a power rewind attachment and tension brake.

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Boost axle capacity with Rogers Brothers’ 80-ton capacity modular trailer.

• Features a 30-foot-long, 10-foot-wide platform deck

• Suspension distributes weight to back axles using a rocker shaft in the rear

• Mechanical detachable gooseneck has 197-inch swing clearance.

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Enhance hauling ability with the Blackhawk 85-ton capacity hydraulic power tower trailer from Etnyre Trailer.

• Prevents high centering with 24 inches of vertical travel

• Travels over uneven terrain without bridging

• Disc brake axle system provides braking on the steepest grades.

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Tackle a variety of hauling jobs with Fontaine Trailers’ Magnitude 55MX, which features a modular design that increases versatility.

• Has 29-foot deck length when retracted, extends to 50 feet

• Loaded deck height is 20 inches with 6-inch ground clearance

• Optional flip box achieves 125-inch swing clearance, and adjustable ride height locks mechanically.

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Landoll’s Model 330 traveling axle container gives you a choice between the standard 12,000-pound worm gear winch with a ½-inch steel cable or a 12,000-pound gear box chain drive system.

• Side by side chain enables pulling on or pushing off loads

• Equipped with 22,000-pound spring suspension, Grote LED lights and wiring harness and centralized grease system

• Available in 42-, 48- or 50-foot lengths.

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Experience ruggedness in a frameless trailer with Clement Industries’ AXP aluminum trailer.

• Available in 24- to 39-foot lengths

• Exterior post design uses uni-beam concept for improved strength-to-weight ratio

• Wide angle draft arms offer lateral support to the trailer body when elevated.

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Towmaster’s T-12T tilt trailer features a deck cushion cylinder that allows the deck to come down smoothly when loading equipment.

• Hot dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance

• Adjustable hitch, formed hitch plate and one-piece formed tongue and main frame

• Has Dexter Torflex axles for an easy to pull, smooth ride.

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Jet Company’s side dump trailer features a trunnion-mounted, inverted cylinder design.

• Delivers a controlled dump cycle and improved stability

• Pivot geometry maintains consistent tub speed during the dump cycle

• Features rounded tub, no inside divider and greaseless pivots.

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Choose from a range of sizes with Trailboss Trailers’ Paver Special, which includes the 50-ton tri-axle model.

• Has 31-foot bed length, including 6-foot dovetail

• Features 11-foot hydraulically operated folding ramps

• Includes twin two-speed jacks, air brakes, protected wiring system and 2-inch hardwood decking.

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Trail-Eze Trailers’ TE70XT trailer has no moving axles, eliminating the worry of axles not staying aligned when loading on soft ground.

• Choice of standard 15-degree load angle or 10-degree load angle tail

• Loads low ground clearance equipment without sliding axle tail

• Lighter tare weight reduces maintenance.

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