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Brooke Wisdom | April 3, 2010

Brush cutters and mulchers

By Amy Materson


heavy-duty-headHEAVY DUTY HEAD

Handle a range of mulching applications with FAE’s DT line of PTO tractor mounted forestry super duty heads, including the UML/DT 200, with a 79-inch cutting width, and the UML/DT 225, with an 89-inch cutting width.

• Fixed tooth drum has double carbide teeth

• Mulch up to 20 inches in diameter, 2 inches deep

• Double side transmission mulches difficult material.





Shred 8-inch-diameter trees, brush and other vegetation with Bradco’s Magnum land clearing mulcher from Paladin Construction Group.

• Available in 36-, 60- and 72-inch widths

• Suits carriers including excavators, skid steers and compact track loaders

• Fixed hammers hold a variety of carbide single, double, claw and

reversible teeth configurations.





Seppi M’s Starforst forestry mulcher delivers high performance in a midsize unit.

• Midrange unit is larger than Seppi’s Midiforst dt, but weighs less than the Superforst

• Suitable for tractors up to 252 horsepower

• Aggressive unit offers strong mulching power while retaining maneuverability.




attaches-easilyATTACHES EASILY

Sneller Machine’s self powered brush and tree removal attachment mounts to either an excavator or compact track loader with no modifications to the carrier.

• Has triple sealed bearings and carbide teeth

• Engine provides direct power to the cutting head

• Available with a Cummings QSB 275 horsepower, 170 horsepower or Caterpillar C2.2   engine.




cool-cutterCOOL CUTTER

Experience high performance in a compact size from Bron’s 275 mulcher, which offers a low 3.5-psi ground pressure rating.

• Caterpillar C7 engine produces 275 horsepower for fine mulching

• Two units are transportable on one flatbed

• Features a climate controlled cab.





Handle heavy weeds, undergrowth, brush and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter with CE Attachments’ Edge rotary mower.

• Available in 60- to 90-inch widths for standard or high flow hydraulic systems

• Direct drive hydraulic mower requires 14 to 40 gpm

• Has ¼-inch steel deck and heavy duty stump jumper for rough terrain.




cut-itCUT IT OUT

Cut, chip and mulch brush and trees with ProGrind’s excavator mounted Pro Head grinder, which can handle any terrain.

• Uses a 440-horsepower Caterpillar C-13 engine

• Cutter head position can be changed while the unit is in operation

• A rotator for the cutter head is also available.





Fecon’s Bull Hog mulching attachments now feature the HDT Rotor System, which has a stronger tool holder design and a staggered tool pattern to boost cutting efficiency.

• New tool bodies have more efficient shape than previous designs

• Step-tool pattern available on some models

• Multiple tool options – three carbide, a knife tool or combination of tools.





Handle high production land clearing with Bandit Industries’ Model 3500 forestry mower, which features a high capacity hydrostatic hydraulic system that boosts torque and power.

• Steel track undercarriage equipped with three-speed drive – low speed,

high speed and creep

• 74-inch-wide mower has 36 carbide teeth and 8-foot mulching height

• Carbide splitter type teeth grind both brush and trees.




extreme-duty-machineEXTREME DUTY MACHINE

Loftness’ Tree Hammer 360 can be front or rear mounted on 80- to 160-horsepower tractors.

• Features an 80-inch cutting width and 24 7-pound hammers

• Optional rear mulching door and tree pusher bar enables mulching large standing trees

• Optional shear bar allows finer mulch production and prevents jamming in the cutting chamber.





Perform a range of heavy brush cutting applications with Kershaw’s Klearway 500, which features a 202-horsepower Caterpillar C6.6 engine.

• Use the rotary twin disc mower or interchangeable mulcher and shredder attachments

• Load sensing joystick control allows precise control of lift and tilt features

• Heavy duty hydraulic cooler with hydraulic fan increases performance and simplifies maintenance.





Process brushy tops, limbs and whole trees with Morbark’s 40/36 Whole Tree Chipper.

• Equipped with the same internal drive as Morbark’s horizontal grinders

• Low fuel consumption per ton produced

• Easily transportable at 8 feet, 6 inches wide.





Eliminate the need for expensive, heavy power boosters with Advanced Forest Equipment’s high performance mulching attachment.

• Available in four different models for 7- to 20-metric-ton excavators

• Has Rotary Disc Mulching technology that transfers maximum power using carrier’s existing hydraulics

• Handles material up to 20 inches in diameter.




mjulch-moreMULCH MORE

Perform large scale landclearing and ROW projects with Tigercat’s 480, a 500-horsepower class track mulcher.

• Has narrow overall width and light footprint for soft soil

• Closed loop track drive system and dedicated pump

• High lift boom geometry improves performance on uneven terrain.




stump-slayerSTUMP SLAYER

Shaver’s StumpBuster is available in either skid steer- or tractor-mounted models.

• Grind stumps to mulch in minutes

• Easy to manuever in compact areas

• StumpBusters are powerful and durable.




simplify-shreddingSIMPLIFY SHREDDING

Convert a backhoe or excavator into a brush shredding machine with US Mower’s Samurai brush shredders.

• Cut and mulch trees up to 4 inches in diameter

• Features either two- or three- blade cutter shaft configuration

• Manufactured from high strength Domex steel with a powder coated finiish




smooth-rideSMOOTH RIDE

Clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter with the Geo-Boy Brush Cutter from Jarraff Industries, which handles difficult terrain.

• Features ability to lift the cutter head 11 feet high

• Has 220- and 260-horsepower engine options

• Low center of gravity provides a smooth ride.





Pair Rayco’s Predator PM638 mulching head with the C100 Super Crawler to clear everything in your path.

• The PM638 has 38 fixed teeth and clears everything in a 6-foot path

• The C100 features steel tracks and is powered by a 99.2-horse power Kubota turbo diesel

• Rayco’s Super Flow closed loop hydraulic system produces 39 gpm at 5,500 psi.


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