Peek Traffic, Telvent form partership

|  January 12, 2011 |

Telvent has formed a “working relationship” with Peek Traffic Corporation that is focused on securing and implementing contracts in North America.

In this joint venture, Peek will design traffic control products that work in conjunction with Telvent’s  interface to streamline road operations for mid- and large-size cities’ traffic operations.

Peek and Telvent will conduct joint research and development efforts, towards designing the “Next Generation Traffic Control System” that will allow operators to optimize the traffic control in real-time.

Telvent says this next generation system will assist operators in preparing to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency situation occurring within the infrastructure, which will lead to a decrease in accidents and an increase in user safety.

“Telvent is excited to form a partnership with one of the leading providers of traffic management equipment,” Telvent CEO Ignacio Gonzalez says in a written statement. “In collaboration, both firms will continue to provide transportation services that demonstrate a long history of expertise and cost effective transportation solutions throughout North America.”

Added Alejandro Brunell, Peek Traffic Corporation CEO, in the same written statement: “The enhanced compatibility between the two companies will allow for an integrated and distributed adaptive control system.”

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