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Why Functional Fibers in Pavement and Bridges are Important

Posted by Tom Kuennen on Aug 06, 2014

Steel and synthetic engineered fibers are enhancing performance in asphalt pavements and concrete.


Truck hauling excavator collides with 5 bridges, taking a chunk out of each (PHOTOS)

Posted by Wayne Grayson on Jul 23, 2014

While being hauled by a truck traveling through Thurston County, Washington, last week, an excavator's boom collided with five different bridges before the driver finally pulled over. According to a report from The News Tribune in Tacoma, the Washington State Department of Transportation says ...


Conductive “sensing skin” paint could stop cracks in bridges, concrete structures before it’s too late

Posted by Wayne Grayson on Jul 22, 2014

A new paint-on "sensing skin" would allow officials to retrofit bridges and other concrete structures with the ability to detect cracks or other weaknesses before they spread beyond repair. While many new structures today are built with strain sensors, this new ...

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5 freeway bridges in need of repair following accident

Posted by Brian Ethridge on Jul 18, 2014

A truck hauling an excavator caused some major problems for the Washington State Department of Transportation after colliding with five freeway overpasses. Cost of the repairs have not yet been determined, but all five bridges will need to be repaired. “It’s ...

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What state has the worst roads and bridges in the country?

Posted by Brian Ethridge on Jul 16, 2014

Ever wonder what state has the worst roads and bridges in the nation? A new “It’s Time to Rebuild America” report from the White House gives that unfortunate title to Rhode Island. The report claims that 41 percent of Rhode Island’s ...


Buying Time with U.S. Bridges

Posted by Contributed on May 06, 2014

New technologies and products can extend pavement life to help address the chronic pavement problem of the highway and bridge building industry.


New waterproof concrete resists cracks, could extend life of roads and bridges to 120 years (VIDEO)

Posted by Wayne Grayson on May 05, 2014

A new concrete developed by a graduate student and professor at the Univerity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee could greatly increase the lifespan of heavily traveled roads and bridges. The formula, known as Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious Composite (SECC), was developed by UWM civil engineering graduate student Scott ...

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How Nevada maintains the lowest number of deficient bridges in the U.S.

Posted by EQW Staff on May 01, 2014

Nevada has the lowest number of deficient bridges in the nation, according to recent Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) data. The data show that the state has a mere 36 deficient bridges, while most other states maintain hundreds or thousands of deficient ...

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VIDEOS: Students show bridges by the numbers and more

Posted by Tina Grady Barbaccia on Apr 03, 2014

Last year, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association received more than 40 submissions from across the nation when it challenged “students of all ages” to identify and “shed light” with a short video on national and local transportation issues ...

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DOT report: $123.7 billion needed to maintain, improve highways, bridges

Posted by EQW Staff on Feb 28, 2014

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) on Friday released a report that finds all levels of government would need to spend an estimated $123.7 billion to $145.9 billion annually to maintain and improve roads and bridges. The report -- 2013 Status ...

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TRIP report finds Montana’s highways, bridges ‘increasingly deteriorated and crowded’

Posted by EQW Staff on Feb 19, 2014

A new report finds that Montana’s highways and bridges are in poor and mediocre condition, with the state’s traffic fatality rate among the worst in the nation. Transportation research group TRIP on Wednesday released a report on Montana’s highway infrastructure, noting ...


How Louisville construction workers stand up to the wind, snow and frigid cold of the Ohio River Bridges project

Posted by Wayne Grayson on Jan 07, 2014

There's been a lot of talk about the Polar Vortex lately that's giving a great deal of the country a pretty good feeling of what it's like to live in an arctic climate. And yet, there are those who are ...