Stop, Drop and Load with Advance Metalworking’s 16,000 lb Capacity Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer.

The Lo Riser trailer hydraulically lowers the platform to ground height with the flip of a switch. The built-in ramp then allows smooth, drive-on access without any crown point to fight for quickly loading or unloading cargo or equipment. The simple operation, unique flexibility and enhanced safety easily allow one person to load and transport cargo.

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EZ Spot UR Attachments: Heavy Duty Pole Setter

EZ SPOT UR Attachments makes it easy to pull, set and pile poles up to 45 feet in length. The Heavy Duty Pole Setter attaches easily to virtually any machine and rotates 115 degrees for optimum versatility.

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ALLU TS - versatile processing unit

New ALLU TS Screener Crusher is the best performing processing attachment of its kind, out producing its competition 3-1. A Unique patented design allows two fragment sizes to be obtained with one unit, giving the end user two processing units for the price of one. Models available for 16 – 45 t excavators and 7 – 30 t wheel loaders.

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Skid Steer Grader Blade For Consistent Grade

The patented SSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade from Worksaver maintains a consistent grade when doing site prep work and is designed for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork contractors. The unit features an 8’ six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25˚ rotation/tilt is controlled with an in-cab remote for precise control. The moldboard is shear pin protected to help prevent damage.
A proportional hydraulic valve provides precise control for maintaining grade. For an even finer grade, the SSGB-8B can be paired for a Leica laser system. An optional end plate kit and laser pole kit, both offered in pairs, are also available.

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NEW Vacuworx Barrier Lifters

It’s possible to work faster AND safer with the new Vacuworx HL Series Hydraulic Barrier Lifters. 360° rotation lets you maneuver concrete barriers in confined spaces during road, bridge and highway applications. Wireless remote operation makes loading, unloading and installation fast and easy while keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

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Digga Trencher

The Digga Bigfoot trencher features an adjustable skid foot with pre-set digging depths. When placed correctly on the ground the foot places the spoil auger in the ideal clearing position. Too low and it digs into the ground robbing the trencher of power, too high and the trench doesn’t clear efficiently slowing work down.

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The Fascut model FR-800-C combines a rotary bender with a heavy-duty shear to cut and bend up to and including #8 (1 inch) rebar.

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Indeco North America IHW Static Wheel Compactors

Featuring a unique, patent-pending locking wheel removal design, heavy-duty steel weldments with relief ports and staggered pads, the IHW Series is ideally suited for cohesive and clay soil environments where vibratory plate methods are not optimal. Simple to install and operate, the IHW Compactors require no special hydraulic connections and are available in a variety of models to accommodate most excavators.

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Bore Repair Systems

The new BOA-408i automatic bore welding system is used for the repair of the numerous worn pivot points found on all types and sizes of construction equipment and attachments. Designed specifically for contractors who must keep their equipment up and running in the field, the BOA-408i is simple to set up, easy to use, and works with existing MIG welding equipment. Couple the BOA-408i bore welder with the integrated line boring system for an easy, one-step bore welding and machining solution

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H & L Tooth Top Locking Style Teeth

Top-locking teeth are available for Case, Deere, JCB and other backhoes utilizing side flexpin teeth and shanks. Designed to fit existing shanks so there are no flexpin hassles. Installation easily accomplished without tools, and removal can be accomplished with either a prybar or punch

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