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hat may have started as a marketing tool has become so much more as fervant collectors, both in and out of construction, vie to display and claim bragging rights for these miniature works of art.

Who collects construction scale models and why?

In Section One of Model Mania: Serious collectors thrive on information. They like to know about upcoming model releases and offer their opinions on what models should be produced. And they love telling the stories behind their collections. Here we take an inside look at who they are, what drives them to collect, and the impact big iron introductions have on the miniature world.

How does a construction model get made?

In Section Two of Model Mania: Producing a scale model involves precise planning between model makers and manufacturers. And once a model is produced, it’s promoted by scale model dealers using a variety of techniques, including open houses and forums.

How do big-iron equipment manufacturers use scale models to promote their brands?

In Section Three of Model Mania: Many manufacturers feel there’s nothing better for promoting the brand than the scale model. Dealers want them, customers demand them, and people ask for them even if they don’t own the equipment. Part of the appeal: if a child gets hooked on collecting, maybe he or she eventually will become a customer.