Miller revamps Big Blue 800 Duo Pro welder/generators to deliver 34% fuel savings

|  July 02, 2014 |

Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Pro diesel-engine weldergenerators

Boost power output while saving fuel with Miller’s revamped Big Blue 800 Duo Pro diesel-engine welder/generators, which offer estimated fuel savings of 34 percent when compared to two single operator units.

The Tier 4 Final compliant unit delivers a 33-percent increase in rated power output that results in 27,000 watts of generator power and up to 800 amps of weld power for a single operator, or 400 amps each for two weld operators. Additional inverters can be plugged into the machines to create a multi-operator work platform, enabling operators to weld and use three-phase power simultaneously.

The Big Blue 800 Duo Pro also features improved weld control, increasing arc quality and improving welding output for better welds on thicker material. Designed to perform well in applications with limited space, the unit also offers lower maintenance costs when compared to two separate machines.

The Air Pak model includes an Ingersoll Rand screw-type compressor with a 30,000-hour life expectancy for gouging in heavy equipment repairs and maintenance. The compressor supplies up to 60 cfm of air at 100 psi with a 100-percent duty cycle, enabling pneumatic tool operation.


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