Little Beaver’s hydraulic earth drill

|  March 02, 2011 |

Little Beaver hydraulic earth drillDrill efficiently and effectively with Little Beaver’s HD-PS11H hydraulic earth drill, showcased at the Rental Show in Las Vegas. Useful for multiple digging and drilling projects, the drill combines an 11-horsepower Honda overhead valve gas engine with a hydraulic drive to boost power and reliability.

The 150-rpm drill offers high torque and enables the operator to achieve a wider drilling diameter, as well as depths up to 12 feet. When equipped with a larger auger, the unit can drill holes to 16 inches in diameter. Safety features include an integrated forward/reverse lever that allows the operator to remove the auger when obstructed, as well as a steel torque tube that eliminates kickback when using larger augers.

Designed for applications such as fence installation, sign installation, landscaping and soil sampling, the drill offers maneuverability and is easy to transport. Three handle options – a one man handle, two man handle and high torque anchor handle – ensure the drill is useful for a variety of jobs. Telescoping Torque Tube Kits and Tripod Kits are available as an option for the unit.

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