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LaHood applauds repurposed Macomb Transit Center

Macomb Transit [1]

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told Better Roads in May 2011 [2] that he’d like to see American jobs created by “taking some shuttered industrial plants and opening them with American workers.”

Nearly a year later, LaHood’s dream is finally coming true.

LaHood took to his blog today [3] to discuss the opening of the Macomb Transit Center in western Illinois. The new transit center, located in LaHood’s birth state, was repurposed from a shuttered porcelain factory.

The Macomb Transit Center, a 70,000-square-foot facility funded in part by both the U.S. Department of  Transportation (DOT) and the Illinois DOT, will serve as a maintenance and training hub for McDonough County transit.

“That’s a terrific way to preserve local history and create a home for McDonough County’s thriving transit program,” LaHood writes.

(Photo: Fast Lane [4])