HammerHead’s pneumatic piercing tools handle underground installation with little disruption

|  May 08, 2014 |

HammerHead's 5.125-inch Catamount reciprocating head piercing tool in use on a jobsite.

HammerHead’s 5.125-inch Catamount reciprocating head piercing tool in use on a jobsite.

Perform underground installation work with minimal disruptions to landscapes, buildings or traffic flow with HammerHead’s four new pneumatic piercing tools. Available in 4- and 5.125-inch sizes, the tools are either a Catamount reciprocating head model or a fixed, non-reciprocating head model.

The Catamount piercing tools are designed for difficult applications in a range of soil conditions, and are engineered without mechanical springs to lower the cost of replacement parts.

Smart Head Technology reduces tool swim, and a redesigned body housing improves durability. The clamped rear anvil provides 200 percent more clamp load than previous models, and the composite wear rings eliminate metal-to-metal contact for decreased wear. Manufactured from a specially designed composite, the Catamount tools’ wear rings have a low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance.

Each tool in the pneumatic piercing line has the Power Port Reverse feature, which pneumatically locks into forward or reverse, preventing accidental direction change during the bore. The Debris Free Tailcone eliminates the introduction of debris into the tool body, boosting production as well as lengthening tool life.



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