Granite settles lawsuit with City of San Diego, pays $400K

|  May 13, 2011 |

Granite Construction Co. has settled with the City of San Diego to end a civil lawsuit related to a 2007 debris removal contract. Granite has agreed to pay the city a total of $400,000 to dismiss the suit and admits no wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

“This settlement avoids the distraction and costs of pursuing litigation for both parties,” said James H. Roberts, Granite’s president and CEO. “Although we remain confident that these allegations were without legal or factual merit, we are pleased to be able to put this matter behind us.

“We have provided construction services in and around San Diego for several decades,” Roberts added. “We are proud to have assisted the city and its homeowners with the clean-up efforts after the devastating fires of 2007 and look forward to continuing our association with the greater San Diego community for many years to come.”

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