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ESCO Blades and End Bits

Because dozing operations at most mine and construction sites are among the toughest jobs, ESCO developed All-Cast ground engaging tools (GET) for dozers. Available for most popular CAT® and Komatsu models above 280 HP, All-Cast ground engaging tools (GET) are specifically designed to match each model™s requirements and ensure optimum performance.

The All-Cast Blades and End Bits Difference

Unlike rolled steel versions where bolt holes and bevels are machined in, ESCO casts its blades and end bits to shape when the metal is poured. The casting process allows ESCO engineers to use through-hardening steel alloys and put the steel where it is needed.

The ESCO Advantage

D11 Package

In addition to standard All-Cast blades and end bits, ESCO offers the D11 Package and Carry Dozer Packages, with even more benefits.

Bucyrus Blades Dozer Blades and End Bits

Bucyrus Blades dozer products are available in the following alloys:

Magnum Designs