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Double D Mfg. Smooth-N-Go Series Compaction Roller

April 1st, 2009


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Company: Double D Manufacturing

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The Double D Mfg. Smooth-N-Go Compaction Roller is available to fit all Grade King Series models from 10 to 16 foot. The Smooth-N-Go is used as a piece of compaction equipment in tandem with the Grade King land leveler. The compaction drum diameter is 24 x 1/2. The Smooth-N-Go comes standard with adjustable rear scraper. The Grade King Smooth-N-Go can be easily removed by removing the 12 bolts from the rear hitch and uncoupling rear hydraulic hose. This attachment requires rear hydraulics to operate. Rear Weights are not recommended with the Grade King Smooth-N-Go option. The Grade King Smooth-N-Go is hydraulically controlled for easy operation. Smooth-N-Go is also available to fit all Tuff Man Series models from 6 to 8 foot.