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GCC’s Microsilex
February 12, 2008

microsilexUntitled-1GCC’s Microsilex is a product based on natural silica with pozzolanic properties which can improve performance and durability concrete and mortar manufactured with Portland Cement. Microsilex is light brown in color and adding this product does not affect the final concrete color. Besides, it is compatible when adding iron oxide based pigments for concretes with integrated color. Microsilex must be used as an additive in proportion with the cement weight in concrete or mortar mixes. It may be used as an additive for cement or as a cement substitute. In concrete mixes it can be used in constructions such as: pavement, ducts, bridges, residual water tanks, etc. When used in concrete mixes, Microsilex increases the resistance in the later stages (from 28 days on). It improves shapeability, reduces permeability, increases sulphate resistance, helps to control the alkali-aggregate reaction and increases concrete abrasion resistance.