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Keytroller Genie Card Ignition Enabler

July 8th, 2009


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Company: KeyTroller Inc.

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default_image_entriesKeytroller’s Genie Card wireless automatic RFIC card ignition enabler is a pro-active device that prevents equipment from theft “hot wiring.” The hidden wireless relay must be enabled (by Genie Card) in order to start the equipment. If a thief tries to “hot wire” the ignition key, then the engine will simply not start. If someone tries to use a “good key” to start the vehicle, then the engine will still not start. Multiple wireless relays in different circuits can be enabled by the same. TheGenie Card works thanks to a very secure and fail-proof system: A wireless relay is installed hidden within the ignition, starter or fuel pump circuit. The system has a battery powered RFID Genie Card, which is smaller than a credit card, that pairs to the relay.