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Ford 2009 F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cab

March 25th, 2009


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Company: Ford Commercial Truck

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The Ford 2009 F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cabs are ready to take on the toughest jobs. They boast massive capacities and exceptional manueverability, along with the cleanest and quietest Ford truck diesel ever offered-the 6.4L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel. Choose this top-of-the-line powerplant to get maximum capability from your Super Duty. Muscular sheet metal and spectacular interiors join forces with rugged construction, easy upfits, and the versatility to master almost any task. The 6.4 Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel: This baby pumps serious iron. High-pressure common-rail fuel injection helps deliver up to 650 lb.-ft of torque at just 2000 rpm. It also optimizes fuel efficiency, cold-start capability, and helps make this Power Stoke the quietest Ford truck diesel yet. Innovative technologies also help reduce particulate soot emissions to meet stringent federal standards.