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CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2011 (Sponsored Information)

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[1]ALLU GROUP, BOOTH 218 G-218

Screener crushers to fit wide range of machines

ALLU Group’s D-Series screener crusher attachments fit machines weighing 8,000 to 100,000 pounds. Some models have changeable blades, allowing you to quickly switch from screening to crushing to mixing and stabilizing different materials. The attachment comes with three frame options: basic, strong and heavy duty. Booth event: Live demonstrations throughout the show. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: (800) 939-2558.

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Touch screen display operates drill

The DD-220T will debut at the show, designed for modular Tier 4 Cummins power and restyled with smooth body lines. The model has a touch screen display and is remote data-acquisition capable. Also on display: The American Augers display will be part of the Astec Industries booth. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Kelly Foos at (419) 869-1875.

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Generators range from 1 to 2,000 kilowatts

Baldor Electric’s lineup includes industrial portable generator products from 3 to 11 kilowatts, mobile light towers providing light coverage for 5 to 7 acres and custom towable generators up to 2 megawatts. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: (479) 646-4711.

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Choose from a range of sizes

The BX/BXR Series breakers, from Breaker Technology, covers a wide range of sizes. BX Series hammers are sized from 400 to 4,000 foot-pounds, and BXR Series has a range from 5,000 to 16,000 foot-pounds.

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Paver speeds up to 35 feet per minute

An optional belt conveyor is now available for the Curb Fox Equipment Model 3000. The 72- by 18-inch conveyor enhances the efficiency of the slipformer by allowing continuous feeding even when the mixer is at different levels. The conveyor also keeps a full head of concrete in the hopper, enabling the paver to maintain speeds up to 35 feet per minute. And with the conveyor mounted, the Curb Fox 3000 still is within the legal width with a standard mold. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Tim Messinger at (704)-638-0405.

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Remotely monitor equipment

The Titan monitoring system now includes a CAN Bus interface, which allows managers to remotely monitor and access critical equipment and vehicle information such as fuel consumption, rpm, engine torque, operating speed, coolant and fuel temperature, engine oil pressure, accelerator pedal position and other machine sensors and functions. The Titan system also can remotely shut down a piece of equipment, as well as track its position and help manage operator performance and productivity. Real time notifications for PMs and critical alerts can also be delivered to the equipment owner. Additional products: The Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System for trucks.

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[8]FECON, BOOTHS C-4250, S-620

Chipper works in, out of woods

Available with either 365 or 500 horsepower, the FCM22 chipping module from Fecon can be mounted on a trailer for stationary operation or on a forestry forwarder or tracked vehicle for in-woods biomass collection and land clearing. The 22-inch chipper, featuring load-sensing hydraulics and IQAN control system, is capable of turning out 40 to 50 tons per hour, densely packed into open-top chip vans, collection wagons or roll-off containers.

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Non-plug pumps generate high flow

For sewer bypasses, flood control, sumping and other applications requiring high volume and the ability to move trash-laden effluent, non-plug trash pumps from Griffin Pump & Equipment deliver flows exceeding 17,000 gallons per minute and head capacities of 240 feet or more. The large, non-clogging pumps can handle debris up to 4.5 inches. A cleanout/inspection port allows for the hassle-free removal of larger debris easily visible via the port.Additional products on display: Electric submersible pumps, stainless-steel hydraulic submersible pumps, wellpoint dewatering system accessories.

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Design shortens grader attachments

The design of the Handy Hitch’s new 75-, 90- and 120-inch-profile grader-mounted packer/rollers does not require a separate lift assembly, shortening the overall length by 20 inches. The 20-inch packer offset and grader adapter plate is bolted on the attachment’s main frame, and the adapter plate is then bolted directly to the grader or ripper bar via two shanks. The three pivot points at the attachment’s rear are linked via hardened steel pins and bushings to an arm assembly controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and central accumulator system. Additional product on display: Gravel-Pro roadside processing machine.

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GX engines more powerful, quieter

Digital capacitive discharge ignition with variable timing, an advanced combustion chamber design and an increased compression ratio are credited by Honda for the 6-percent additional power in each of the four models in the new GX Series of engines. At the same time, noise levels for the GX240, GX270, GX340 and GX390 overhead valve, horizontal shaft engines has been reduced up to 5 decibels. Applications range from aerial lifts and pressure washers to trenchers and chippers.

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Industry experience behind new scraper

From engineers who helped introduce the market to construction-grade pull scrapers and worked in the design and manufacture of elevating and pull scrapers from leading equipment manufacturers comes the Humdinger H619G pull scraper. With heaped capacity of 19 cubic yards, the H619G has a 62-inch apron opening, “pushable” rear frame and adjustable cutting edges. New player Humdinger Equipment boasts 50-plus years of combined experience in the engineering, manufacturing and sales of scrapers.

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Front drive axle installed at factory

Newly offering a factory-installed front drive axle on its medium-duty product line, Kenworth equips its display T370 model with a 300-horsepower PACCAR PX-8 engine, Altec service body and Dana Spicer 40,000-pound tandem rear axle. The front drive axle, like the 14,000-pound model displayed on the T370, is for construction, oilfield service and boom trucks, as well as utility and municipal applications. It is available up to 14,000 pounds for trucks powered by a PX-6 engine; 16,000 pounds for the PX-8.Additional products on display: T800 wide-hood heavy hauler, C550 twin-steer oilfield truck.

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Pull scraper moves more dirt

K-Tec Earthmovers’ 1254 ADT construction pull scraper has a 49,000-pound empty tare weight and features a 54-cubic-yard heaped capacity. The scraper is designed to be pulled with a six-wheel-drive, 40-ton articulated dump truck. The 1254 ADT also is useful as a haul wagon, offering a large target area for easy loading. Also on display: K-Tec’s scraper line ranging from 24- to 54-cubic-yard capacities. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: (204) 746-6435.

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Mobile vacuum loading equipment simplifies dumping

Ledwell’s hydro excavation trucks feature advanced vacuum technology with high volume capacity. The transport trailers offer a choice of either self-contained vacuum equipment mounted on the tractor or placed on the transport trailer. Units feature a full opening rear door and a hydraulic lift for more efficient dumping. The 5,500-gallon model is equipped with pressure off-load capability and a floor mounted auger to simplify evacuation of thick material. Also on display: Rollback trucks, tub style and box style dump beds, water tankers and HydraTail trailers. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Lesley Ledwell at (903) 838-6531.

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Versatile pump works in range of applications

Reduce system design and installation costs with Lincoln Electric’s P653S Electric Centro-Matic Pump, which includes a reservoir, pressure switch or transducer, vent valve, low-level detection and controller in one compact unit. The pump supplies lubricant to a single-line parallel lubrication system and is fully programmable. The pump also interfaces with telematics technology and features a neutral switch for idling. Booth event: Try the VRTEX 360 Virtual Reality Welding System. Also on display: Engine drives, multi-process welding sources, welding consumables; unveiling new products including the VRTX 360 and Red Line welding gear.

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[17]MICO, BOOTH S-13653

On- and off-highway brake offers improved torque control

Achieve better control of brake torque with Mico’s 520 Series hydraulic apply caliper disc brake for on- and off-highway service braking applications. The fixed caliper type brake uses a modulated hydraulic pressure source to control torque and can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position. Two ductile iron caliper halves are pressurized by a single inlet port cross-over tube feature, allowing hydraulic pressure to actuate the 2.25-inch-diameter piston in each half. The unit provides for 1,000-psi continuous duty pressure and 1,500-psi intermittent duty pressure. Also on display: Brake systems, hydraulic components and controls. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: (507) 625-6426.

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Improve performance with compact hose

Parker Hannifin’s 5,000- and 6,000-psi spiral hose is available in a compact design for improved routing and service life compared to conventional hoses. The hoses – available in -8, -10, -12 and -16 sizes, offer half the bend radius and a 30 percent smaller O.D. than conventional hose, according to the company. This reduces the total amount of hose needed and simplifies routing and installation. Parker Hannifin also has reduced the hose weight by 26 percent, boosting fuel savings. Booth event: Demonstration of the Parker Tracking System, a global hose tagging and identification system. Also on display: Hydraulic hoses, fittings and accessories; Parker Tracking System. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Doug Honig at (440) 516-3295.

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Coat vehicle parts with TuffGrip 11-90

Protect your vehicle with Rhino Lining’s TuffGrip 11-90 coating, a spray-applied hybrid polyurea elastomeric coating with improved toughness, impact resistance and non-skid properties. This coating protects truck bed liners, tanks, bumpers, grill guards, rocker panels, wheel wells, interior floors, cabinets, dashboards, running boards and luggage racks, as well as trailers, farm equipment, construction vehicles and boat decks. TuffGrip contains no VOCs, solvents or coal tars and is an exothermic, rapid curing, hybrid polyurea coating.

To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: John Henningsen at (800) 747-6966 ext. 6017.

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Sweep away materials with heavy-duty broom

The Roadtec FM-85 broom, weighing 6,000 pounds, is a heavy-duty piece of machinery featuring an 83-horsepower Cat 3.4T engine. The broom uses a brush head that allows the brush to side-shift up to 15-inches. The unit can accommodate broom lengths of 6 to 8 feet. The operator station is located in a climate-controlled cab. Additional products on display: Roadtec SX-5 mid-size stabilizer/reclaimer, high-density tamper bar screed and a new generation Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Stephanie Rider at (423) 265-0600.

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Remove trees with self-powered attachment

Cut trees with Sneller Machine’s self-powered brush and tree removal attachment for excavators. A Cummins 275-horsepower engine mounted in the shredder offers direct power to the cutting head. This attachment features easy-to-change carbide teeth without bolts. The attachment also is available with a 170-horsepower engine, and Sneller’s smallest is a Cat C2.2 60-horsepower, which mounts to a CTL. To arrange a floor appointment, contact: Jean Bennington at (800) 449-5815.

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Service cranes use dynamic technology

Stellar’s new line of telescopic service cranes are equipped with Crane Dynamics Technology. Models range from a 6,000-pound capacity up to a 14,000-pound capacity. The CDT equipped cranes communicate with the operator by using multiple sensory indicators when approaching maximum capacity, including colored LED lights and pulsating vibrations. The control system also can go into a boost mode and operate at nearly 120 percent of its standard operating capacity for a short amount of time. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Donna Popp-Bruesewitz at (641) 923-4248.

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Backhoes add features, improvements

Terramite tractor backhoes, manufactured by TerraQuip of the Coneqtec group, underwent many engineering changes. The backhoes now feature secondary and handheld tool hydraulic kits, a GPS anti-theft and utilization system and power and productivity improvements. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: (888) 832-3462.

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Rubber tracks for industrial equipment

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas’ rubber tracks for industrial equipment encompass a complete range of tracks for equipment such as mini excavators, compact track loaders, dumpers, utility equipment and demolition machines. To arrange a show floor appointment, contact: Jessica Aubley at (330) 877-4885. EW

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