Concrete contractors awarded for safety excellence

|  September 26, 2012 |

The American Society of Concrete Contractors recognized concrete contractors with excellent safety records at the association’s annual conference, held last week in Chicago. 

Specialty contractor Prus Construction of Cincinnati, Ohio, and general contractor Walbridge of Detroit, Michigan, were awarded the W. Burr Bennett Award for Safety Excellence. Presented in partnership with CNA, the award includes three years of safety performance indicators, values and trends, company safety practices and the company’s safety plan and culture.

Additional awards were given for low incident rates. Winners were as follows:

  • Walbridge; Detroit, Michigan; general contractor; more than 250,000 work hours
  • Raffin Construction; Chicago, Illinois; general contractor; less than 100,000 work hours
  • Baker Construction; Monroe, Ohio; specialty contractor; more than 250,000 work hours
  • Prus Construction; Cincinnati, Ohio; specialty contractor; 100,000 to 250,000 work hours
  • Bottorff Construction; Atchison, Kansas; specialty contractor; less than 100,000 work hours.

Three companies were recognized for outstanding fleet safety records:

  • The Fricks Company; Fort Worth, Texas; 429,457 miles with zero accidents
  • S.B. Ballard Construction; Virginia Beach, Virginia; 800,000 miles with zero accidents
  • Lloyd Concrete Services; Forest, Virginia; 2,000,000+ miles with zero accidents.

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