Brouwer celebrates 40 years
| June 21, 2012

A worker uses a first production Brouwer Sod Harvester on a Massey Ferguson tractor in 1972.

This year, Brouwer is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the turf industry.

The company manufactured its first sod harvester, which sold for $9,600 complete, at Brouwer Sod Farms in 1972. In 1974, Brouwer built a factory in Keswick, Ontario, where the company continues to manufacture equipment today.

Some of the products Brouwer has manufactured are the Hitch-Hiker truck-mounted forklift, Brouwer reel mower, BV 85 turf vacuum, RM22 rotary mower, turf rollers, Rollmax 2400 24-inch big roll sod harvester, Brouwer 1600 self-propelled sod harvester and Rollmate sod installers. Brouwer also invented the patented automatic big roll system and improved the automatic small roll Robomax sod harvester.

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