The Great Attachments Roundup of 2014 (GALLERY)
Amy Materson | July 25, 2014


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Cleanup: Take on cleanup, material handling and snow removal applications with the SweepEx Mega 600, which has a 60-inch-long mainframe. Suitable for dirt, leaves, snow, material spills, standing water, steel shavings and gravel, the broom attachment fits a variety of carriers. Built with no moving parts, the broom has no cleaning and lubrication requirements, and brush replacement is simplified via a brush section system. The polypropylene sections offer durability and flexibility while minimizing dust and flying debris. Featuring 11 brush rows, the Mega 600 can also handle broom extenders increasing the unit to 96 inches for large applications.

Whatever the task at hand—cleanup, compaction, concrete and asphalt, demolition, earthmoving, grading, landclearing, landscaping or lifting—there’s an attachment in our roundup that will help you complete the job. Click through and see them all above.

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