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Attachments 2012: Sponsored Information Section

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Compact trenches, footings and slab areas with Bobcat’s two plate compactor attachments for use with Bobcat M-Series compact excavator.

• Both models mount at end of excavator arm and feature shock mounts for even vibration distribution

• PCF34 is 26 inches from excavator arm and has an 18.75-inch plate width, a 3,400-pound dynamic force and 2,100-vibrations-per-minute compaction frequency; fits Bobcat E32, E35, E42, E45, E50 and E55 excavators

• PCF64 is 34 inches from excavator arm and has an 23.5-inch plate width, a 6,400-pound dynamic force and 2,000-vibrations-per-minute compaction frequency; fits Bobcat E55, E60 and E80 excavators

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Perform vertical drilling applications with the Strata Series Carbide Conical Teeth from Pengo.

[3]• Uses proprietary grade carbide

• Designed to withstand tough drilling conditions

• Includes Pengo rock augers

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Operate attachments on excavators with one of eight complete, upgradeable hydraulic kits from HKX.

• Includes pre-assembled components, illustrated step-by-step instructions and technical support

• Features bolt-on designs, powder-coated tubes, turn-key installation and controls that integrate with factory joysticks and monitors

• Kits ship via ground or air in 2 to 4 days

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Load, unload and move up to 1,500 pounds of material with

CEAttachments’ Edge Spring Rotating Log Grapple, a multipurpose attachment with 180-degree rotation.

• Grapple tines open to a maximum of 39 inches and close to a minimum of 3 inches

• Features spring-centered return, lateral lock and in-line lock positions, as well as a serrated cradle

• Includes hose saver kit, hoses and flat face couplers

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Level, aerate and prepare soil for seeding with the Harley D4 Power Box Rake from Paladin Attachments, which features a hex drive system and direct drive motor in the rotating drum, as well as a roller width of 4 feet.

• 22 percent lighter than previous models

• Available in a manual angle and hydraulic angle model

• Features adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier above the roller; dual, independently self-adjusting gauge wheels; quick storage flip-up guide wheel arms and more

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The Tie Bundle Grapple from Rotobec features four models for use in maintaining and building railroads.

• Features 360-degree rotation

• Models range from 5 to 9 ties wide

• Weights range from 1,475 to 2,735 pounds

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Safely access high-reach maintenance areas with Diversified Products’ next-generation fall arrest service crane basket, which features floor slots; upset holes; lanyard attach points; and a low-maintenance, high-capacity caliper brake.

• Heavy-duty steel, yoke-style baskets quickly attach to service cranes

• Full-sized floor is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep

• Optional specialized carrier, which installs behind the truck in the receiver hitch, also offered

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Loftness’ Carbide Cutter G3 high-performance mulching head attachment for skid steers operates at 1,700 to 2,150 rotations per minute and uses a two-stage cutting chamber with staggered counter teeth and a shear bar.

• Available with 51-, 61- and 71-inch cutting widths

• Features high-strength Hardox steel, custom hydraulic control valve, an on-board pressure gauge, steel deflector chains and adjustable skid shoes

• Optional features include primary-stage shear bar for ultra-fine mulching, Standard Carbide teeth, Planer Carbide teeth and Quadco Planer Blades

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General Equipment’s Dig-R-Tach line can be used with both small (Series 16) and large (Series 24) hydraulic systems on skid steer loaders, small excavators, knuckleboom cranes and small backhoes.

• Series 16 features a two-speed chain/sprocket drive and a 5 to 20 gpm hydraulic flow range.

• Series 24 features a 15 to 25 gpm hydraulic flow range and a maximum drilling torque of 2,018 foot-pounds at 2,500 psi

• Both series use a standard two-inch hexagon auger drive system; additional auger extensions and drive systems available

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The RSL from FAE is a multitasking tractor attachment, useful for applications such as stone crushing, rock shredding, soil stabilizing and asphalt grinding.

• For use with tractors between 80 and 190 horsepower with a working depth of 11 inches

• Features complete closed machine body anti-dust, rear hydraulic protection/dosing hood with one adjustable cylinder and easy access/inspection of the rotor

• Also includes tools and holders, as well as Hardox counter blades

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Clean up dirt, leaves, snow, material spills, standing water, steel shavings and gravel with the SweepEx Mega 600 broom attachment, which has no moving parts in order to eliminate sprocket and bearing cleaning and lubrication.

• Features polypropylene brush sections, high-quality industrial steel, a heavy powder-coat finish and 11 brush rows

• Optional MegaWing 90 (9-inch) and MegaWing 180 (18-inch) broom extenders available to increase broom size up to 96 inches

• Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches (class 1 and 2) and skidsteer pivots also available

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Remove poles from the ground with Ez-Spot-Ur Attachments’ Pole Jack, which may be useful for utility companies, electrical cooperatives and electrical contractors.

• Allows one person to remove pole with one machine and one attachment

• Attaches to skid steers, track loaders, utility tractors and backhoes

• Can pull foamed poles and poles in frozen ground

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Remove the compaction bottleneck in trenching applications with the versatile and low-maintenance W24 and W36 Vibratory Wheels from MBW, which are for use with excavators in the 18K to 60K range.

• Features include backfill leveling blade and interchangeable 24- and 36-inch-wide drum assemblies

• Available in padded or smooth drum configurations and static or vibratory modes

• Attaches to equipment with pins and bushings or quick coupler systems

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The SSGB-8A Grader Blade from SitePro comes with an 8-foot six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25-degree rotation/tilt and is designed for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork contractors.

• Features include in-cab remote, shear pin protection, reversible cutting edge and connection points for an optional laser system controls

• Comes standard with 1/2-inch “connect under pressure” flat-faced hydraulic couplers

• Optional end plate kit and laser pole kit available

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Grade on any terrain with the Grouser V3 FlexPlane, which features a self-adjusting blade that can adjust to uneven ground or be locked in place for use as a standard, rigid plane.

• Attaches to any make and model of skid steer

• Features two double-beveled hardened cutting edges for forward and reverse grading

• Designed to be low-maintenance

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The Model 210 Equipment-Mounted concrete drill attachment series from E-Z Drill consists of three models: the three-gang Model 210-3 EQ MT, four-gang Model 210-4 EQ MT and five-gang Model 210-5 EQ MT.

• Each model can drill 5/8- to 2 1/2-inch diameter holes, at a depth of 18 inches

• Each drill motor requires a minimum of 100 cfm for operation, with a minimum of 300 cfm required to power the smallest unit

• Compatible with most backhoe and excavator models

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Perform forward and reverse grading with the HitchDoc Dual Dozer, which features constantly- and automatically-adjusting laser-controlled grading box uses two hydraulic cylinders with a sub-grade accuracy within one eighth of an inch

• Equipped with two blades for forward and reverse grading

• Mount allows the blade to operate independent of the skid steer and has multiple laser receiver sensors

• Attaches to a tractor three-point-hitch and to most major brand skid steer models

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The Esco PosiGrab hydraulic coupler features front and rear locks, which are mechanically engaged through the full working cycle and stay locked unless opened by forced hydraulic pressure.

• Designed to enhance jobsite safety

• Operator stays in cab during connection and release of attachment

• Engineered to reduce stress on attachments and machines

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Grind stumps and wood up to 10 inches in diameter with the Seppi BMS excavator mulcher, which fits excavators from 14.33 to 27.56 tons.

• Features a hydraulically-operated hood and skids to control working height when mulching near ground level

• Available with swinging or fixed knives or hammers

• Optional interface plate available for spider excavators

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Clear any space, from a personal lot to a logging road and more, with the SUPER M-AX heavy duty hydraulic rotary brush cutter from Brush Wolf.

• Designed to fit any skid steer, mini-skid and excavator model

• Features two high-performance variable speed 110-cubic-centimeter motors

• Maximum cutting capacity is 8 inches

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Roadrunner’s upgraded grading blade features improvements such as a lower mounting plate and an added step for entering the cab.

• Features include heat-treated wear pads on corners of skid bars, side panels to eliminate windows and twin blades on a slight angle

• Eliminated trip bar on the skid-steer mounting plate

• Optional serrated cutting edge available

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Use a GPS system to help dig on grade for several miles with Ocala Instruments’ wireless ExcaVision, which allows the machine operator to monitor the depth, slope and width of work without the need of a helper.

• Can use machine-grade GPS system or Ocala’s GPS upgrade

• Fits any excavator or backhoe

• Installs in less than one hour and can quickly be moved to another machine

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Complete heavy-duty lifting applications in confined areas with Vacuworx’s MC5 mini lifter, which is designed to attach to small pieces of equipment.

• Handles single joint pipe in lengths up to 40 feet and a maximum diameter of 16 inches

• Powered by a diesel engine

• Features a 5.5-ton capacity

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Perform highway maintenance with Pro Mac’s HTF horizontal shaft brush cutter, which fits up to a 30-ton class excavator and features fully-enclosed hydraulics and two heavy duty self-aligning spherical roller bearings.

• Mounting bracket, main arbor shaft and hydraulic motor all incorporated into the frame

• 4-inch toothed belt powers the main arbor shaft

• Available in 34-, 48- and 60-inch sizes

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