7th Day of Construction Gifts: Equipment-shaped Utensils Set and Plate

|  December 11, 2013 |

Constructive Eating Utensils and Plate setWhy play “here comes the airplane” with your kids or grandkids when you could could play “here comes the front loader”? The four-piece Constructive Eating Utensils Set and Plate makes eating fun for kids with a forklift fork, front loader spoon and a bulldozer pusher to maneuver food around the plate. The 9-inch divided plate even features “site ramps and parking spaces for the utensils. It’s meant for kids, but if you start using them yourself, we can’t really blame you. You can pick up the set for $33 at Young Explorers, or the plate and utensils can be bought individually for $14 and $19 respectively.


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