12th Day of Construction Gifts: Lego Technic Excavator

|  December 18, 2013 |

Lego Technic Excavator

It’s the final day of our 12 Days of Construction Gifts, Tools and Toys countdown. And while we kicked the series off with something from the folks at Lego, we couldn’t help ourselves and are now ending with a Lego product as well. We think you’ll forgive us on this one though as the Technic Excavator (set 42006) is just plain awesome. Once you’ve got everything assembled, the tracks move, the arm extends and the claw grabs. Plus, this set is a 2-in-1: you can disassemble and reassemble as a tracked tractor. The kit costs $80 at Toys-R-Us. And if you want to go the RC route, you can purchase Lego’s 8293 Power Functions Motor kit for another $30. You can watch a video of the digger in action below.

We hope you enjoyed following along with the countdown and we certainly hope you got some ideas for yourself or the construction professional in your life. Merry Christmas!


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